Woodturning 102 - Beyond the Basics Class

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You'll get to choose one of this great classes where you can go beyond the basics and develop your woodturning skills.

You'll need to be experienced to take this class, if you're a beginner you need to take Woodturning 101 first.

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Classes Available:


In this class you will learn the basic principles of woodturning, how to safely and efficiently use your tools , how and why to select the proper tool for your project, which tools are not appropriate and why, how to select the tools and equipment for your shop, and perhaps most importantly how to sharpen and maintain your tools.  Learn to sharpen in only 5 SECONDS.  Philosophicle  discussions included at no additional cost with lunch.


How is it possible to turn something shaped like this, and have it rimmed in bark?  How do you turn it and end up with an edge shaped like this?  In one day, learn the tips and techniques to create elegant turnings with these features and create interest in what may be at first glance to be a ho-hum ordinary bit of wood.  This is a way to create value where there was none…and perhaps a treasure for generations to come.


Useful, ornamental, plain, embellished and more.  The potentials with platters (and/or plates) is incredible. One intense day and you have years of fun ahead of you as you create works of art or of household use.


Learn to create useful and simple articles of furniture that are always a topic of interest to your guests.  Following a few simple guidelines you can let your imagination fly!!! Experiment with figured woods, burls, plain woods; play with leg designs, ranging from simple to whimsical.  No math, no complex angles, no tricky assembly…just fun fun fun.


Always an item of interest on your walls, distinctive from any other form of art.  One day and you learn how to manipulate the wood, changing centers, changing the axis of rotation, creating circular forms, creating forms that are always going to be fascinating.  The landscape you create can be simple or complex…let your inner hidden artist come out and explore possibilities!!


What better way to present a special gift (jewelry?) to a loved one than in a personally crafted wood box that is not a nailed-together shape, but a delicate, elegant example of the woodturner’s art.  In only 8-hours you learn hollowing techniques, how to develop pleasing shapes, the ins-and-outs of tops (suction fit, snug fit, loose fit and OOOOPs!  How about an elegant finial for the top?  Decorative work? Texture? Color? All in a day’s work…you only need to take this class.


And now for something completely different….and yet it’s not.  Get a completely different look from your wood, using the age rings enhance the shape.  The techniques are different from Face Turning, and the results are worth it.  These tips and techniques will greatly expand your view of what can be done with a bit of wood, opening up many more options and giving you an expanded understanding of the glory and beauty within a tree.


From one of my more popular club demos, learn how to take a board only 3/4” thick (square or rectangular….no problem) and without using a bandsaw, table saw, scroll saw or any other tools than ordinary turning tools turn it into a bowl that at first glance appears to have been turned from a 6”-8” thick blank.  We all have wood boards laying around of some really interesting burl, fiddle-back, quilted, spectacular color or grain that is just too nice to toss, but too small for what we usually do…here is a way to make use of it and let it realize it’s full potential.  This is truly a fun-filled session..bring your special piece of wood or we can pick through my treasures.


We all make mistakes…..I have watched some of the world’s most acclaimed turners make some beauties.  But, knowing how to go on, take advantage of this “Design Opportunity” will give you the confidence to take on any challenge.  No, you can’t always recover, but 90% of the time you can….and usually you will be the only person aware of what happened!!


All of the above include:

  • 8 hours class
  • Tools are furnished
  • Includes material, but an extra fee may apply if you select an exotic or rare wood. 

Instructor: Capt. Jack Wayne