Woodturning 301 - Advanced Techniques Class

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You'll get to choose one of this great classes where you can go way beyond the basics and develop your woodturning skills.

You'll need to be experienced to take this class, if you're a beginner you need to take Woodturning 101 and Woodturning 102 first.

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Classes Available:


How do you hollow out through that little hole?  Ahhhhh…take this class and discover the secrets to creating these intriguing shapes.  They can be 2 inches high or 24-60 inches high….the techniques are all about the same.  and these forms are quickly accomplished…amazingly so. They do require specialty tools and I can help you make a buying decision….but for the class I provide a wide selection of tools from which to choose.  Come to my shop and play for a day!!


Similar to a bowl, but the upper rim rolls in to a smaller diameter that the body.  There is a bit of a trick to successfully creating this shape, but it is not difficult and once learned provides an added dimension to what you can make…and sell.


What’s your pleasure?  Elegant stems and bases with glass mountings….perhaps a free-floating ring on the stem.  Maybe an all -wooden goblet?  A set of wedding goblets with rings?  We can do them all.  I have a limited number of two-goblet glass sets (wine, champagne, martini) and at this time I have the last two Pewter flutes known to exist (Had purchased 24 from a friend in England almost 20-years ago and the maker has died)… when these are gone there will be no more.  Prices for the pewter available on request.  Prices for the glass flutes are $10.00 each. Price for the wood depends of species…come over and go shopping!!


Elegant, captivating , full of possibilities….vases are cool!  Perfect for dried flowers , they are a gift that will be valued for generations….and they are created with your basic tools.  It is all about having a vision and tool-control.  These are usually relatively (or VERY!) thin…but always earn you praise.


Adding decorative elements to your work can change ordinary into spectacular.  We can use fire, beading, wire, grinding, texturing, piercing, drilling, carving, paint, dye layers, gold-silver-copper-foils-leafs….. know when to use restraint and when to add more. Learn the importance of form.  This is one day that can change your life!!!

All of the above include:

    • 8 hours class
    • Tools are furnished
    • Includes material, but an extra fee may apply if you select an exotic or rare wood


Instructor: Capt. Jack Wayne