Natural Edge Bowl Class

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 How is it possible to turn something shaped like this, and have it rimmed in bark?  How do you turn it and end up with an edge shaped like this?  In one day, learn to turn and hollow a Natural/Raw Edge Bowl (perhaps with the bark left on?) in this fun and intense class. We will explore design options, use of various finishes, how to deal with voids, cracks and inclusions. You'll be able to create elegant turnings with these features and create interest in what may be at first glance to be a ho-hum ordinary bit of wood. This is a way to create value where there was none… and perhaps a treasure for generations to come.

You'll need to be experienced to take this class, if you're a beginner you need to take Woodturning 101 first.

This class includes:

  • 6 hours class
  • Tools are furnished
  • Includes material

Instructor: Capt. Jack Wayne

To take the class you will need to show your Vaccination Card.