Wooden Pieces, Care & Instructions

Congratulations! You are a proud owner of an original WoodWhirled piece.

Wooden pieces are a nice way to add a little warmth to your table or to use as displays in other areas around your home.

Now here you have a few tips to take a proper care of your loved one:


  1. Clean your wooden pieces with warm water, a mild soap and a soft sponge.
  2. Do not put in dishwasher, microwave or oven.
  3. Don’t soak your wooden pieces in water, as it will cause them to crack and swell.
  4. Dry with a dishtowel.
  5. With a soft, lint-free cloth, rub a generous amount of walnut finishing oil on all sides of your wooden pieces. Allowing them to air dry overnight.
  6. You won’t need to oil the bowls after each use – only when you feel that they’ve lost their deeper color and shine.
  7. Heat and sunlight will dry out a bowl prematurely.  Store such items in a dry area, away from the sun's harmful rays, and at room temperature.
  8. Keep dry when not in use.
  9. To clean and remove stains, apply salt to the satin and rub it with a cut lemon or lime.
  10. To disinfect woodenware apply a 50-50 solution of water and white vinegar using a clean cloth and let it stand for a few minutes, wash and towel dry.

With minimum care you can make your favorite wooden pieces last a lifetime.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! We are always happy to help you.

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Carol Czuk

In the post about turning a bowl the western way…you mention a diagram. I did not see a diagram. Can you please send me a link for the diagram. I am new to woodturning and think it would be helpful. The article was helpful.
Thanks, Carol

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